TDIR film

Have pretty much decided I'll not bother. Might write something for the scrapbook Ashkitty suggested and which Jane Somebody pimped on her lj.

Here's what just popped into my head:

"Have you seen this?! It's bloody outrageous." Bran flung a newspaper onto the table in front of Will who looked up mildly from under his fringe. It was a review of a certain film that had amused him greatly. "Is this supposed to be about you?" Bran growled. "It bears no resemblance to... to the original. And... weren't you eleven?"

Will raised his eyebrows and shrugged.

"Aren't you the tiniest bit annoyed? Gah! There are times I wonder if anything ever moves you at all!"

"Some things do. But this nobody will remember about in a couple of years' time."


"Trust me."

"Yeah, yeah, yeah. Checked have you?"

"Of course."

"Not so indifferent after all."

"Perhaps. But talking about resemblance to the original... you were supposed to have forgotten about everything, weren't you?"

"Well, I never liked that part of the books much anyway."

Will laughed.

Squirrel-proof, no; bird-proof, partially

So this morning brought much bird watching. The blue tits worked it out. The sparrows, finches and great tits are bewildered.

So along comes a squirrel and jumps on the feeder. He doesn't like it much and goes to sit on top of the bracket holding the feeder, twitching his tail in agitation. He tries a few times to lower himself along the feeder, but it doesn't bring the tasty grains closer. So he climbs back to the top to think, tail twitching.

Eventually another attempt. Then he figures out that he needs to take a different approach...

... and manages to get the lid off!

Credit where credit's due.

Bloody hell, those little tree rats are smart!


The Marquis bought a new bird feeder today. It's supposedly squirrel-proof.

Somehow I would be less surprised to see a pair of squirrels with an acetyline cutting torch in the not too distant future than for it to actually be squirrel-proof.

One part effects and three parts tosh

Well, well, well. That's 99 minutes of my life I could have spent better.

The Marquis and I just watched Eragon on DVD. I had borrowed the film from a colleague who is one of those strange half-muggles that are fairly common these days: people who are into Harry Potter and the LotR movies, and are convinced that these are high art. The are an uncritical sort of fans. Don't get me wrong - I do not look down on these people - the opposite rather - I envy them a little and I am chuffed that fantasy has entered the mainstream a little... The fact that my colleague was a half-muggle alone should have warned me. As should the fact that she said the film could have been great.


It had Jeremy Irons and John Malkovich and Robert Carlyle and a few dishy young actors: a cheekboney elf-girl and a couple of bit parts (one of which should have been more than a bit part if they'd stuck to the story). It also had Alun Armstrong whose performances in New Tricks I enjoy... It had beautiful landscapes. It had a dragon with some insanely cute scenes.

Pity it didn't have a script. Never again shall I scoff at Philippa Boyens, Peter Jackson and Fran Walsh's adaptation of LotR. It is high art in comparison.

The Marquis' comment that sums it up really was: "I'm not drunk enough to watch this movie."

All that said... I enjoyed reading the book, derivative though it was in places (it was also rather 'written by a seventeen year old') - Let's just say I felt very unsophisticated for liking the book. Even so, I might reread it and I'd certainly like to read Eldest now. Maybe I am also turning into a half-muggle. Or a quarter-muggle.