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The Book of Na'Lon

or rather, Inane Ramblings of an Expatriot

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Yep, he's gonna work
Dr Who was... good. I really enjoyed the last episode of this season, and thought that the whole regeneration business was handled rather well. Poor Rose! Poor Captain Jack!

And the doctor got to kiss both his companions in the same episode (sort of).

Looking forward to the next series. :-D

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It probably is your worser nature speaking.

I thoroughly enjoyed the show (at least all the episodes I have seen): I liked the Doctor and the way he's always a bit of an uncomfortable character, I liked Rose, the chav companion, I liked some of the awkward questions that the series dared address - like that of those who are 'victims' of the Doctor's time-travelling life-style (e.g. Mum and Mickey). While I didn't like eveyr scene equally well as every other, the overall effect was one of a show that has risen splendidly to the challenge of updating a childhood memory for many viewers to 2005.

I think I'll be the judge of what's my worser nature thankyouverymuch! ;-)

Be my guest. I was just echoing the sentiment you expressed yourself. In so many words. ;-)

There are some things one can say about oneself, that other people aren't allowed to agree with ;-)

I don't like playing that particular game; it's far too complicated and silly. My feeling is don't say it about yourself if someone else saying it about you would bother yer. ;-)

In my book it's not a game; it's simple good manners. And as such, arguably more of an issue in online communication than in person.

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