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The Book of Na'Lon

or rather, Inane Ramblings of an Expatriot

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Yep, he's gonna work
Dr Who was... good. I really enjoyed the last episode of this season, and thought that the whole regeneration business was handled rather well. Poor Rose! Poor Captain Jack!

And the doctor got to kiss both his companions in the same episode (sort of).

Looking forward to the next series. :-D

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I loved it - and I do hope Jack gets to come back for some of next season. It was great to see how some of the Doctor had rubbed off on him. (No sniggering at the back there please. ;-) )

Is it nearly Christmas yet?

It's been confirmed that Jack will be back at some point next season - but the timing and circumstances remain a mystery.

I thought he might be. :-) But it's nice to hear it's been confirmed.

Is it nearly Christmas yet?

I was asking that, too, yesterday.

I want to go and get the DVDs, so I can watch all the episodes again (especially the ones that I have missed [where it's not really watching 'again' I suppose]), but they currently are an extra-free zone, and I am wondering if they'll bring out a special edition.

As for the Doctor having rubbed off on Jack (I am trying hard not to snigger here!): I think they made a wonderful team. Even if in the Cardiff episode there was one moment of insufferable smugness of our time travellers, when poor old Mickey came by. ;-)

I can't wait until we get the next chance to have a meal-prolonging chat!

As for the Doctor having rubbed off on Jack (I am trying hard not to snigger here!):

I applaud your self-control. ;-)

There's going to be a box set in November, with the whole season and lots of extras. (Can't remember details, I'll have to dig out my Doctor Who magazines.) I'm trying to control myself till then.

Unfortunately, I'm not going to be at the July committee meeting otherwise I'd offer to lend you my taped off the TV videos. If you haven't had a change to get them from someone else before the next time I see you, let me know.

The bit about the kissing wasn't a spoiler ;)

That depends on how anal you are about spoilers. ;-)

I want Captain Jack back! Wah!

Wasn't the tearful expression on John Barrowman's face excellent? He's been a good character to have around.

He's been the best thing in the show by a mile. I nearly said "one redeeming feature" but that's just my worser nature speaking. (Pellegrina, unexpectedly presented with a quick opportunity to access the Internet by her workaholic sister.)

It probably is your worser nature speaking.

I thoroughly enjoyed the show (at least all the episodes I have seen): I liked the Doctor and the way he's always a bit of an uncomfortable character, I liked Rose, the chav companion, I liked some of the awkward questions that the series dared address - like that of those who are 'victims' of the Doctor's time-travelling life-style (e.g. Mum and Mickey). While I didn't like eveyr scene equally well as every other, the overall effect was one of a show that has risen splendidly to the challenge of updating a childhood memory for many viewers to 2005.

I think I'll be the judge of what's my worser nature thankyouverymuch! ;-)

Be my guest. I was just echoing the sentiment you expressed yourself. In so many words. ;-)

There are some things one can say about oneself, that other people aren't allowed to agree with ;-)

I don't like playing that particular game; it's far too complicated and silly. My feeling is don't say it about yourself if someone else saying it about you would bother yer. ;-)

In my book it's not a game; it's simple good manners. And as such, arguably more of an issue in online communication than in person.

I thought his expression wasn't so much tearful as just despairingly resigned. But I'll have to watch again. I thought - whatever words you ascribe to it - that it captured the moment very well.

I liked what they said in the documentary before Saturday's session about having to have a soldier character around, because Russell T Davies wasn't happy with Rose picking up a gun and the doctor not being the gun-toting type either. And Captain Jack was such a brilliant solution for that dilemma.

Ooh, we must meet up as soon as we can to pontificate together about the Tenth Doctor's Stint. ;-)

*nods* Me too. He's muchly delightful. :-D

*cheer* (and see my own LJ! :) )

And you know what! They *did* kill Captain Jack. Luckily they also reversed that. Bit like Jay, again. *lol*

I had to think for a moment before I realised what you meant, there.

I never much liked Captain Jack, far too hunky and cheesy.

They should have another of them episodes where the doctor meets up with himself, and have David Tennant kissing Christopher Eccleston! That would be much better.

I like Captain Jack.

While I can see the appeal of the tenth and eleventh incarnations of the Doctor smooching, I think the result of it would be a catastrophic rift in the space-time continuum...

Oops. I can't count. I meant ninth and tenth incarnations, of course.

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