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The Book of Na'Lon

or rather, Inane Ramblings of an Expatriot

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A meme after my little obsessive heart
Seen on gramarye1971's journal.

Why Brussels? Cause I used to live there and the combination of cast amused me most on this variant of the meme that I tried out. ;-)

LiveJournal Username
Where is the new CSI set?
Playing the stern, self-controlled team leadertuemi
Is mainly eye-candyparrot_knight
Plays the lab geeksally_maria
Plays the morbid forensic doctorwryelle
Plays the weapon-obsessed martial artist ballistics expertphina_v
Plays the real cop who is always out with the CSI teamparrot_knight
Number of seasons on the air2
Percentage of main actors who go on to have big movie careers
This Fun Quiz created by Jacob Klünder at BlogQuiz.Net
Taurus Horoscope at DailyHoroscopes.Biz

How do you like being eye-candy, Sir Knight? ;-)

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*giggles* Ooh, thrilling. I'm so glad I taped the episode where the team had to figure out who was responsible for the string of deaths of MEPs. Who'd have thought that Tony Benn was still so agile, at his age?

*lol* It was a good episode, that one. :-)

Do you actually watch CSI?

I used to watch the original one back in the States when it first came out, mostly to joke about it with my friends. Since most of the episodes run along the lines of, 'Ooh, let's see what flashy new forensic device we can put on display this week!', the shows lend themselves to parody.

My parents, on the other hand, seem to enjoy it quite a bit. *shrugs*

I enjoy CSI. I watch it and all its derivatives quite avidly. *lol* But then I have always like whodunnits and copshows ever since I remember watching TV regularly. And I like the science babble and the flashy forensic devices.

That said, CSI does lend itself to parody. Dead Ringers on BBC2 did an 'episode' of CSI:Balamory recently! There was something about a missing bicycle, I seem to recall. It was very silly. :-)

(And in case that makes no sense: Balamory is a little village in Scotland with brightly painted houses about which CBeebies shows little diverse and politically correct stories. If you knew that, may apologies for the waffle. *grins*)

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