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Weekend nearly over...

Spent most of today at work to get tomorrow's lecture finished. But as I have mentioned before, I don't like working at weekends. So I feel a little bit cheated.

On the plus side, I have decided to take my story with me tomorrow and spend all time not actively engaged in standing in front of the students by working on Ch.13 (jane_somebody have you had a chance to read Ch.1 yet?)

The really good thing about today was, however, that pellegrina and I have nearly completed 'Connected'... a little more tinkering to do and that should be it [big sense of satisfaction here]. This emither has been something really special, and I feel that both Pellegrina and myself have come such a long way in our emithering capabilities. I look forward to the next one already.

the_marquis made rice and mozzarella (with tomato sauce) for me tonight -- that was very nice. And yesterday he got me Affirmation by Savage Garden, which I have wanted for ages because of the song of the same title (he got it cheap). He's been very nice to me all weekend, actually.
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