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The Book of Na'Lon

or rather, Inane Ramblings of an Expatriot

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Behind again
I have marking to do, and am finding it hard to concentrate. So I thought I'd best purge some of the things to do flitting through my brain by dint of writing them down.

1. re-post TDIR drabble in main journal -- EDIT: Done, 17.5.05, 12.50
2. update lj with account of weekend
3. continue recent to do list
4. reply to comments
5. email RB who hasn't got a nickname on this journal yet...

I hope to resume normal service soon.

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Hi back! Nice to meet you online. :-)

Likewise *g*

I should warn you that there is little to nothing in my journal that you'd find interesting, and probably a fair amount that you'd rather not have show up on your flist. Just so you can't say you weren't warned ;-)

What I read yesterday (long entry about HBP) was interesting enough.:-)
Likewise, I maybe ought to warn you that much of my journal consists of nowt but wittering. ;-)

Writing things down is definitely a good idea. *Hugs and makes encouraging noises*

Thanks! *hugs back* I go through phases of finding writing down useful and then of finding it oppressive. Fortunately at the moment it feels useful.

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