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Hair cut report

Well, it's all short now. I have even made new icons to celebrate the occasion.

When I got home yesterday it had all been straightened out and producted into another incarnation, but I really liked the way it looked: kind of spiky and a little punky. The Marquis also liked it, despite at his surprise at me having gone so dramatically different from the last x-dozen haircuts.

Of course, the coiffured look couldn't last and I decided to have a shower to get rid of all the gunk and of the chopped-off bits of hair that had found their way into my clothing. When I came out of the shower, the hair started curling again straightaway and the Marquis expressed great disappointment. I wasn't so much disappointed as curious to see what would happen if I left it to its own devices. The overall effect is short and that I like. I did dry to straight-blowdry my fringe, just because I liked the effect, but I am fairly useless at wielding a blowdryer, so the results were rather indifferent. Maybe getting one of those round brushes will help?

This morning bits of it stood up amusingly, but undaunted I sprayed and smeared some of the gunk I bought yesterday (a first for me, buying product like that!!!) into it and was rewarded by a "Not bad!" from the Marquis. Not quite as impressive as his reaction to the punky look from yesterday, but still gratifying. It's just so nice if someone whose opinion you value likes something you like yourself.

Anyway, I look forward to further experimentation with the gunk and a blowdryer. Ah the possibilities!

The strangest thing about the experience of having my hair cut short again was the feeling of "I'm back" that went through me like an electric shock as I finally put on my glasses again and looked in the mirror. And there I was thinking I'd got used to having long(ish) hair!
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