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The Book of Na'Lon

or rather, Inane Ramblings of an Expatriot

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Belated Happy Birthday!

Happy birthday for yesterday, gramarye1971

I have been doing some thinking about writing a little TDIR fic for you, but haven't had the time to set pen to paper for it. But I thought I'd let you know that hopefully you'll soon have a little something to read.

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Eee, thank you! *dances*

Here goes then. It's only a drabble -- but if I don't write some of my ideas down now it'll never happen. There may well be more in due course. This is just the image with which it all starts.

As for choice of protagonist... I know you like Will, but since I rather like 'your' Will it seemed almost redundant to add my version at this time. I next thought of writing something with Bran at the helm, but when this vision cropped up fully formed, I decided to go with the flow.

Pencilled memory
by Pencil based on The Dark is Rising Sequence by Susan Cooper.

He had neither seen nor thought of the drawing for years. Staring at it now brought to mind not memories exactly, but a delicious sense of seasalt and sunlight. An image, too, of a long coat swirling to become a cloak of midnight. Moving backwards, he didn't take his eyes off the slightly smudged pencilled lines as he sat on the edge of the table.

Something is right there, just out of reach... Remain motionless, don't breathe, lest that fine connection to the past dissolve. And then...

"Merlin?" Barney whispered. "Merriman Lyon." How could he have forgotten about Greatuncle Merry?

Wow, the advantages of being behindhand in reading LJ!

I love this, Na'Lon (and I'm sure Gramarye will too!) The way primitive senses trigger memory, and of course, for Barney, it would come through art. I've always thought Barney would be the most likely to remember, as well, since he seems naturally somewhat psychically gifted in a way the others are not. Beautiful!

Thank you, Polly. You have put into words almost exactly my reasoning - artist thing, primitive senses, psychically gifted and all! This is just the beginning of the story, so I'll probably write more. Watch this space!

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