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The Book of Na'Lon

or rather, Inane Ramblings of an Expatriot

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I feel fairly awful this morning. The newly early getting up-shtick is making me tired and my head still hurts from yesterday's encounter with the kitchen cupboard. I also feel out of the loop with the rest of the universe (except possible with the_marquis and wryelle). I can't quite cope with this lj-business at the moment. Yes, it's fun to update and read what people are up to, but I miss meeting people and talking to them face to face. I also have so much to catch up with I am not sure what is going on with most of you on my flist. I guess I shouldn't let that worry me, but that's easier said then done. Not sure whether the tiredness is all that's got into me, but something certainly has.

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Sympathy on the sore head :(. I think what you said about the weather might have something in it! Its kind of heavy and unpleasant - or at least it was yesterday.

I'm feeling kind of tense and harried and overwhelmed too at the moment in various areas. Theres lots to do and keep up with, and whilst non of it is especially huge or onerous and some of it is even fun, I can't seem to summon the energy. I find myself getting unreasonably ratty at work, and then wasting time during the evenings. (That expression really is a slur on rats, which are very laid back animals. A better animal analogy for feeling wound up and snappy would be 'mousey'. But that already means something else (also totally inapropriate if you know mice!).

I wonder if the answer is to get some excersise. Perhaps it's not natural to be sat in front of the computer all day in spring and we have actually lots of pent up physical energy at this time of year that dissipates into irritation if its not expressed. I might go test this theory tonight :)

Also, face to face contact with friends is much better than text, no question. Phoning is better than text too!

Yep. Sports. Got to get back into that. I have just told some of the girls at work that I'll join their team in the Race for Life in June!

Thanks for the comment. :-)

Don't worry about reading all my lj posts, you can probably read one of them and get the general idea! Plus I've finally stopped updating about five times a day this week.

*hugs* Thanks. I probably will read them. I want to know what happens in your life. Plus you write well. Even if you're down.

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