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The Book of Na'Lon

or rather, Inane Ramblings of an Expatriot

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Pain, lots of pain
I whacked my head on a kitchen cupboard this morning. There was some blood and much pain. And the cupboard shows not even a smidgeon of a sign of this encounter. My head on the other hand hurts and I have a lecture to give in about one and three quarter hours.

Edit (15h09): The lecture went okay. My head still hurts, but I get to go home in about 50 minutes. Thanks for all the sympathy, folks. It helped me feel less sorry for myself.

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That's some serious whacking of head :(

Arrgh! I do hope you are feeling better by the time you get to read this.

Ow! Sympathies from my headache to yours!

Thanks. I hope yours gets better soon!

I have just been vaguely trying to catch up with some flist stuff and noticed your long post saying you can't read books at all! Oh no! *sympathy and hugs* What's wrong? (And since I assume that typing up lengthy replies isn't an option at the moment, would you like me to call you at some point?)

only just got back to comp to see this comment - thanks for sympathy. talking books are a life-saver! thanks re offer of phone call but that's not actually a good option either at the moment ;-( But watch this space (well, my lj space, you know what I mean.)

I still don't know how you did it! *hugs*

The Atom Bomb of Quiet Reflection

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