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Weird day...

Lala has gone totally meeting mad. There was one this morning about Accred. Bollox, scheduled from 9 to 10, which yours truly tried valiantly to keep moving along through all the items that needed covering. At 10 we were nowhere near finished and I left the others to get on without me (which they did until about 11), while I went and got the last few bits together for the teaching I do Tuesdays. I also checked my email to find a reference top another meeting this pm from 4 to 5 which I heard vaguely referred to be Tech and Ceejay, but for which there was no official communique other than an email stating which room it was going to be in. Despite the fact that I'd not intended to go to this meeting, I relented as I didn't want to abandon Ceejay to having to face Lala tout seul. But Tech and I were the only ones that turned up at the room that had been referred to in the email. After waiting for about fifteen minutes, Tech and I went to hunt for Lala and Ceejay, and after a further fifteen minutes Tech gave up. I decided to check one last place and managed to find Ceejay and Lala at long last. They'd spent ages talking about noticeboard -- a safe topic! Tomorrow, we have another two meetings coming up. AAAAAARGH!

After work the Marquis and I went to a fund-raising quiz together with Ceejay and her husband. We came third out of five team, and generally had a good time. The quiz was really good fun with music round, and picture round, general knowledge, obscure and less obscure, and some matching historical events to decades and specific years. Our team got 79 out of 100 points.

Oh and the new series of CSI has started tonight and if there wasn't a powercut again tonight while we were out, I should be able to watch it tomorrow. Yay!
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