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Minor Stargate Nuisance

First of all, welcome sally_maria! It's nice to see you on my friends' list.

Second... the nuisance... Well, I haven't been following Stargate for a long time due to a dismal failure at keeping up with Channel 4's programming of this show. Then recently I caught a few episodes from the end of season 7 and discovered that I still like Stargate and that I want to find out what has been happening.

In the spirit of finding out, I dug out a promotional DVD we got from somewhere a while back. This had on it two whole episodes from season 7. Hm, I thought, I'll just watch these. The first, watched yesterday, was "Fragile Balance", good fun -- starts off with a kid claiming he's Colonel O'Neill. :-) The second episode on the DVD was "Fallen". This was an arc episode, which threw up more questions then it answered for me. And worse, it was the first of a two-parter. I want to know what happens now!!!

Maybe the library stocks Stargate DVDs/videos?
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