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The Book of Na'Lon

or rather, Inane Ramblings of an Expatriot

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Memey thing
I was jolly pleased with this one for a change!

"Which Diana Wynne Jones character are you?"-quiz

I came out as Gair. Which is good given that Power of Three is my favourite DWJ book. Plus, I guess I have often identified with Gair.

Just been rereading PoT again. I still think it's a great story. And every time I can't get over quite how much of the story has been cut from the German translation which I read long before I even spoke English.

Can't wait to get my thoughts straight to start writing that PoT Fanfic I mentioned to Polly and Pellegrina.

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I was Awful from Archer's Goon. This disturbed me so much I went back and changed most of my answers and I was STILL Awful.

Finally, I managed to be someone else - and I ended up an Izzy, which is even worse!


I'm still not 100% certain that pellegrina is who I think she is, but if she *is*, I am disturbed that I actually imagined Claudia from Year of the Griffin as pretty much her. Have only just realised that my mental image of Claudia was based on a real-life person.

Now, deeply worried by quiz which I suspect of having been compiled by a Magid who is using my subconscious as some sort of clip-art library....

...I too came out as Awful >_< But then I changed stuff and ended up as Tanaqui, which is much better, except that it reminds me of that girl who changed her name to Tanaqui Weaver, which is, you know, a bit sad.

Re: I feel your pain...

Tanaqui is okay, but I agree about that girl. I bumped into her the last time I was in Alitophilus' shop. ;-)

Ach... not good. I certainly don't see you as an Izzy. Or as awful.

Who'd you have picked?

Well... I really wanted to be Chrestomanci. But maybe if you *want* to be Chrestomanci you end up as Awful - that would be appropriate.

However, I think the character I identify most with is probably Cat from Charmed Life. He's so terminally confused...

Cat is great. He was my first favourite character in a DWJ book. Charmed Life was the first book I read by DWJ and I have been trying to persuade Potter afficionadoes to give that one a try.

As for Chrestomanci... well, I can see you being a sort of Chrestomanci. Oddly enough. ;-)

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