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Some more on the Random Thoughts

I am glad that I got ICQ working (mostly), because I can talk to Viala and to Jelf and to my sister.

That said... ICQ has been temperamental today and I crashed out while in the middle of trying to ask Viala something. Hmpf. Oh and I talked to Tuemi's friend instead of Tuemi the other day, because the friend borrowed Tuemi's computer. I guess it was a more coherent conversation than those I have had with my coming-up-for-four-year-old Godson. *laughs*

I have a lecture to prepare about prospective memory.

Still procrastinating about this one! But I have some stuff to read set out and had half an idea about how to start the session.

I miss emailing with Pellegrina on a daily basis (should start that again ;))

Not anymore! We started the Daily Email again!

I look forward (!) to getting some laundry done tonight in our new washing machine.

I did a couple of small loads. With the first one I forgot to put the spin on, so the stuff was truly soggy when I opened the machine at the end of the cycle. So I spun it independently of the main programme and watched for a while: the machine hasn't settled into its slot properly yet and rocks wildly. And it has a funky new smell. But at least it washed the clothes nicely. Yay! No more having to impose upon Berry!

I am not looking forward to walking home in the rain.

In the event, I decided to make my get away from work when the sun broke through briefly and go home a-dry.

I want to get on with some story and vignette writing, but the ideas aren't quite there yet.

I talked to Viala about an idea this morning, because I need to use one of her characters for my writing idea. We came up with a failry good scenario. I started to write a few bits in my lunch break, but I am not entirely convinced by what I have written yet. Will need to do some more thinking.

Anyway... lunchbreak is over. Need to get back to work.
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