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The Book of Na'Lon

or rather, Inane Ramblings of an Expatriot

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Random thoughts
Cross-posted in a slightly different version on various boards.

Got this idea from Jelf.

I am glad that I got ICQ working (mostly), because I can talk to Viala and to Jelf and to my sister.

I am sad that Goth is leaving for Australia, but I wish her really, really well.

I miss Alitophilus and wish I'd had more time to chat with him recently.

I look forward to the next Farscape session.

I have to think about some ideas for an essay I need to write.

I have a lecture to prepare about prospective memory.

I miss emailing with Pellegrina on a daily basis (should start that again ;))

It was really nice to talk to Parrot Knight at the weekend.

I look forward (!) to getting some laundry done tonight in our new washing machine.

I am not looking forward to walking home in the rain.

I am glad I don't live in Carlisle anymore, because we'd have got seriously flooded. I hope Ceejay didn't get flooded.

I look forward to getting back into research this semester.

I want to get on with some story and vignette writing, but the ideas aren't quite there yet.

That should do for now.

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Not a meme as such. I just wrote down what was going through my head. I guess I could have written more, but felt that that was enough.

The italics are just decoration.

Feel free to turn into into a meme, though!

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