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The Book of Na'Lon

or rather, Inane Ramblings of an Expatriot

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Work and Hair
I didn't go in to work today, until I had finished the job application I was working on. Originally I'd wanted to go past the hairdresser's to make an appointment to have my hair cut, but by the time I was ready to head off I didn't have the time to do that. I went straight to the osteopath in the lovel local drizzle, appreciative of the existence of my recently acquired Drizabone -- apart from my face, I did stay almost as dry as a bone, too.

The osteopath made a not quite catty comment about the fact that I should be able to get my back to start improving rather than just keeping going at the same level of disfunction, but what with all the stress at work and so on, not much is changing. I really need to get back into the habit of going to the gym regularly -- it make a huge difference to my wellbeing.

Work after the treatment wasn't exactly conducive towards inproving the situation with my back.

Before yet another meeting with Lala about the Accred. Bollox, I called Union Rep for advice about who to stick on my application form, as I do not wish to tell Lala about my looking for another job at this stage, because she would regard it as a betrayal. The thing is, I used to be oh-so-loyal to this place, but months of being told to shut up and having less of a voice in my department of about 4 than I used to have as a postgraduate rep at my previous Uni has ground me done so far, I am finding it really hard to motivate myself even to keep going. I feel I can't be loyal to a place which can't appreciate the fact that I am doing all I can (even bending over backwards at times) without ever a word of acknowledgement or thanks. Instead it's a case of 'if that didn't break yer, how about pushing you some more?'

I still can't get over the fact that Lala said on Tuesday that we should come to her directly if we had any problems, without even realising for half a second that we did. Ceejay and I did try talking to her on many occasions, only to be batted down: variously we've been told to 'shut up', that Lala was 'not in the mood to discuss' something and so on. When we did ask her politely to have a meeting to discuss these issues she initially said yes only to refuse a day later to meet with us. We asked her about that recently and she said that we hadn't spoken to her 'in the right way'. For f**k's sake! Stop patronising us already! But no, more patronising today in a meeting that was scheduled to last from 12 to 13. At 12.55 I commented that I would have to go at 13.00 -- Thursday lunchtime is holy: Yoga time, and I so need to get back to Yoga, I've gone all stiff again. Anyway, Lala looked at me over the top of her glasses and said: 'You do know that this is very important?' AAAAAARGH! You do know that I have a brain?!

Later on it turned out from Ceejay, that apparently the two new appointments to be made to bring our team to full strength are dependent upon the visit of the Accred. Bollox people. If they won't come, no appointments won't be made. Cheers, no pressure then! I wish they'd stop threatening us with one breath and telling us to be loyal with the next.

At least Union Rep understood what I was saying. And Dean agreed to act as my referee.

Fortunately, I don't need to worry about leaving Ceejay in the lurch. Her planned project is so far progressing okay -- hopefully people's good wishes helped.

I left work slightly early to post the application, then wandered past the hairdresser's and my usual girl had an appointment for tomorrow at 15.15. Now I need to decide what I want her to do.

I definitely need the ends tidying, but I am not sure if I want to try growing it all more or chopping it all off again. I am fairly certain I don't want one of the 'fashionable' hairstyles. But I am also getting a bit fed up with the hassles associated with long hair. So what to do? Back to extra short (it'll take about 5 years to get back to where my hair is at the moment, but I am yearning for that feeling of freedom and lightness that jane_somebody described so beautifully the other day) or stick through the rough patch of narkyness for another time (and try to let my plait grow a little longer). Comments, please?

Hm... I am sure there were a lot more things that I was going to ramble on about when I sat down at the computer, but somehow I can't recall... Oh well... another time.

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Personally I wouldn't go back to extra short; although that does look cute, I think it suits you better when you have a bit more length and body. I'm certainly enjoying mine at the moment being long enough for a tiny ponytail or short plaits, but at the same time short enough to wear down without it being a nuisance: perhaps that would be a length to aim for? A bit of layering round the face can be flattering, but also make it harder to tie back when you want to.

Thank you for the comments, I'm still thinking. My current plan is simply to have the hair tidied up today, and postpone any major changes again.

I thought the length that really suited you was when you first began growing it out, and then cut off the straggly bits and got the microfringe. That was a good length on you. On the other hand, it was too short for tying back, and as someone whose hair is currently hovering an inch or two short of tyingbackability or tuckingbehindtheearsability, and is difficult to manage, I would hesitate to recommend it without reservation.

? Not sure I have a mental image here. Do you mean when it was kind of bob-shaped?

How're the ructions this am?

No word from the dolphin, but my modified unapology on the board has seemingly been well received by the communicative party in the same house. By tomorrow I may even my able to catch up LJing!

And yes, I meant kind of bob shaped I guess.

Mixed metaphors with good intentions

Management at your department has clearly long ago disappeared into an interdimensional whirlpool of incompetence and duplicity, and it's taking everyone else and the fortunes of the department with it into a chasm. Full speed ahead with the escape plans - you have the gravity to resist the pull of this black hole, and attract some friendly satellites who can make your life easier.

Re: Mixed metaphors with good intentions

Wow :) Have I told you I love your prose style recently?

Re: Mixed metaphors with good intentions

Not in so many words! :) I must do more writing when I feel that I really should be in bed...

Re: Mixed metaphors with good intentions

Wow. You feeling OK, parrot_knight? Objects with more gravity would be more affected by black holes rather than less, but it would be pedantic in the extreme for me to point that out.

Na'Lon: Hope things get better...

Re: Mixed metaphors with good intentions

I was aware (albeit shakily) that objects with more gravity would be pulled into a black hole more quickly - that's why I covered my tracks with the 'Mixed metaphor' subject heading. By all means gnash at my wilful ignorance of science - and how I ended up on one side of the arts-science divide, when I would have been happier srtaddling it or better still ignoring it altogether, may be the subject of an LJ entry of its own.

Re: Mixed metaphors with good intentions

Despite sufficient knowledge of physics to know about the gravity thing, I still appreciated the good knight's commentary -- it was certainly evocative!

Arts and science divide? That's just a bit of a myth, isn't it? (I certainly like to think it is!)

Re: Mixed metaphors with good intentions

Arts and science divide? That's just a bit of a myth, isn't it? (I certainly like to think it is!)

I’d like to think it was a myth too. As often with ideas that are widely disseminated, they are based on a reflection on a perceived state of affairs and then become self-perpetuating.

Re: Mixed metaphors with good intentions

Yeah, what he said! Your boss sounds pretty dysfunctional, and I'd recommend a two stage strategy of (a) make the best of it while (b) getting outta there ASAP! Don't let it get you down, & remember that there will be plenty of people out there who do want to get the best out of you & probably have better management skills.

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