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The Book of Na'Lon

or rather, Inane Ramblings of an Expatriot

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Book meme
Had a long an mostly unproductive day today, so thought I'd have a quick look at my flist and spotted this meme in pellegrina's and the_marquis's ljs... :-)

Grab the nearest book.
Open the book to page 23.
Find the fifth sentence.
Post the text of the sentence in your journal...
...along with these instructions.

"Our interest arises from the assertion that syntax is the most difficult aspect of language to derive plausibly from pre-human primate communication and cognitive systems - in this we agree with Lord Zuckerman (1991) and others (e.g. Bickerton, 1990; Wallman, 1992)."

From Armstrong, D.F., Stokoe, W. C. & Wilcox, S.E. (1995) Gesture and the Nature of Language Cambridge: Cambridge University Press.

I'm so tired this doesn't even make sense to me... but if I'd reached out with the other arm it would have been stats. ;-)

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"Prolonged ground running of engines was usually carried out with the aeroplane in flying position."
Albatros Fighters: a Windsock Datafile Special
Albatros Productions Ltd 1991
quote from page 25 as pages 23-25 are scale plans, so this is the fifth sentence

At work, I keep wanting to do this meme again, just to see what peculiar things I get...

Since I'm sitting in the same place always to use the computer, I would merely get the Habitat catalogue.

It doesn't say you can't get up to grab the nearest book :)

"There is no cure, but symptoms can be relieved by drug treatment"

From the BMA illustrated medical dictionary. Incidently it refers to alpha-antitrypsin deficiency, a genetic disorder where the sufferer lacks an enzyme that protects some organs from destruction by other enzymes.

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