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I need to go shopping. For food to fill up the dismally empty fridge, for new clothes because I put on so much weight my trousers aren't really *that* comfy anymore, for a new telephone, cause the old one is temperamental (mind you, right now, the phone ain't exactly gonna work anyway, what with the phoneline still being deceased [update--just had a message from the Marquis and the phone is fixed!!!), for books for work, which I may not even have to pay for myself.

Thing is... I just want to go home and go to sleep. :-(

Other than that: our water turned briefly red last night so we ended up ordering in pizza. They do this half-and-half deal, so I can have sweetcorn on my half and Ian can avoid it. :-)

Seen the some of third years this morning and I already have a few people interested in my new module.

Need to go and sort out a timetabling issue with that module now!
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