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The Book of Na'Lon

or rather, Inane Ramblings of an Expatriot

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I need to go shopping. For food to fill up the dismally empty fridge, for new clothes because I put on so much weight my trousers aren't really *that* comfy anymore, for a new telephone, cause the old one is temperamental (mind you, right now, the phone ain't exactly gonna work anyway, what with the phoneline still being deceased [update--just had a message from the Marquis and the phone is fixed!!!), for books for work, which I may not even have to pay for myself.

Thing is... I just want to go home and go to sleep. :-(

Other than that: our water turned briefly red last night so we ended up ordering in pizza. They do this half-and-half deal, so I can have sweetcorn on my half and Ian can avoid it. :-)

Seen the some of third years this morning and I already have a few people interested in my new module.

Need to go and sort out a timetabling issue with that module now!

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Yay for the phone line finally being fixed!

As for the water turning red - ewwwwww!

Say hi to the_marquis from me, will you?

Absolutely. I shall see him at lunch.

How are you doing today?

I'm feeling a lot better, thanks!

Just got some upsetting news from Dad, though - a good family friend (who helped us a lot when Mum died) who is being treated for cancer has just gotten dramatically worse, as in "lots of pain, can't walk and probably has a secondary tumour growing" sort of worse.

Oh no! That's very sad to hear. I hope your family friend does not have to suffer for long, whatever happens, and has someone who can be there for them.



Our friend has had a lot of support (and practical help) from Dad, and has a wife who doing her very best for him. I think I'm as concerned for his wife and for Dad as I am for this friend, because his condition *is* likely to be terminal and it's going to be very hard on his wife and on Dad.

Fortunately, the friend is now in a hospital where he's getting proper treatment and suitably strong painkillers - the local health service where he lives is seriously hopeless, and he's now at a decent hospital in England.

I think it's always very hard on those left behind when one loses someone to cancer. Both my grandfathers died that way. One wasn't that old at the time and it was tough on my gran -- she was only 48. The other grandfather was nearly 88, but I don't think that makes it easier for that gran, even if she was glad that he didn't have to suffer for very long.

I hope your father and your friend's wife have the opportunity to take their leave of him properly before he dies. I also hope that your father and his wife can share their strength with each other.

*more hugs*

Thanks for the understanding and the supportive words. All I can do living so far away is send a card to the hospital and be supportive of my Dad.

I understand what it feels like to be far away. When my grandfather was dying in Germany, I was stuck in the far North of England. :-(

But cards and letters are a good start. As can be telephone calls -- just to let the other person know you are there to listen.

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