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Some days...

are just kind of weird, without anything particularly weird happening...

This morning I headed of to Lancaster at the more sensible time of 08.39am and reached college at 10.20, to find that my colleague who teaches the two groups I take on Mondays the other way round was too ill to stay. So I taught both my groups simultaneously, which was a very different experience to teaching each separately. But I think it went okay nevertheless.

As a result of the teaching amalgamation I managed to catch a much earlier train home, and the_marquis (yes, you read right, he's finally cracked) and I went to the cinema to see Spirited Away which I enjoyed very much indeed. There is something about anime drawing still that is both realistic and simplified which appeals to me very much. I think part of it the attention to certain small details, such as maybe a leaf dancing in the wind. This particular story appealed to me in particular because of its overall look, and the fact that a lot of the stuff about the spirits in it reminded me of some ot the ghost stories that feature in Usagi Yojimbo.

While walking to and from the trains today, I have also been doing some thinking about some of the story writing I want to do as soon as I get a chance. This is something that always gets me fired up, but frustrated at the same time, when I don't have the time to do anything about it. Somehow I'll manage.

This is the last light teaching week and I'd better get as much stuff prepared for next week as I can, so that I can get into a rhythm from which I can get the printing done for me for student hand outs rather than having to do it myself.

Got some nice emails today from RC and from Ta'Neth, but I am too tired to reply. Will have to wait.

Time to go and get some dinner and sleep -- sooo tired today.
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