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Sunday evening blatherings

Isn't that absurd. I can't think of a title for my update, but I want there to be one, so I make one up that means nowt. But, heck, why shouldn't I? Today's entry is mostly inane, but read if you wish...

I have had a very busy weekend, did lots and lots of laundry and some tidying up. Because the Marquis and I went shopping on Saturday and he remembered that we needed a second surge protected multiblock lead for the study, I now have most of a usable desk again, at last. I haven't used it much yet, but with the scanner off to one side and plugged into our little USB hub, I feel my office situation at home has improved tremendously. Unfortunately most of today's dealing at the desk were work related -- writing lecture handouts for a lecture on juvenile delinquency. Lucky me.

The problem with the current lack of organisation in my life is that I am spending too much time at the desk anyway and not enough time at the gym. I probably wouldn't even bother with the gym, if it weren't for the fact that bothering really improves my back and neck problems, and helps my wrists -- which ache again... I did some Yoga this morning in the vague hope of that helping and it did a bit, but now I am sitting at the computer again and have that same horrible feeling of hot steel chords in my neck and shoulders again. Why do all the things I really love to do have a sedentary element?!

I've been thinking about a poem I want to write because of being inspired by people's nice comments about A Dwarf's Heart, but I haven't got the time to do anything about it for the moment. Hopefull I won't forget the ideas for it.

The current emither with pellegrina has been going on with as much if not more brainache than the previous one,
but somehow this just makes me enjoy it. I love this feeling of us having shifted our goal-posts so much! When looking back over the old first attempts at mithering, it really brings out how far we've come!

This afternoon I called Na'Kim and we nattered for a few minutes -- then our gran showed up and the conversation was cut short. It was nice talking to her anyway, because usually I talk to Ta'Nik, my other sister, who's somehow easier to get hold of. Oh, and like me, she quite enjoys nattering on the phone.

The Marquis has just called me to dinner -- time to go and eat...
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