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It's raining today. So my knees were right last night with their soreness -- they usually get sore when there is a change in atmospheric pressure, which is not good for someone living in England. :-|

Initially I was wondering if Tuemi and friend had packed the good weather up in their suitcases, but they claim not -- too much other stuff. I saw them off to the station earlier on. Sad to see them go, but also nice to get back to sorting out the house some more.

In fact the sorting out that needs to be done encompasses some fairly major problem resolution. While Tuemi and friend were visiting, we discovered that our shower leaks into the kitchen. Yesterday the Marquis decided to investigate. He took the side of the bath and discovered that 12kg (about 24lb) of wet plaster had fallen off the wall behind the bath and lain wetly on top of the floor board, which had begun to rot underneath its damp load. The Marquis shovelled out the dirt and went online to investigate what was to be done about wet-rot... Now we just have to hope that the Land People respond soon to our email.

I was going to inaugurate my nice new birthday brolly -- a huge contraption with photos of Nuremberg all over it -- but I forgot it in the house and am having to make do with my little fold-up umbrella that I usually cart around with me. *shrugs*
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