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The Book of Na'Lon

or rather, Inane Ramblings of an Expatriot

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Boxes and Kinder Country
Tuemi and friend made a fantastic breakfast for me this morning: boiled eggs, German bread, hazelnut yoghurt, candles (not to eat! ;-)). They also sang Viel Glück und viel Segen for me. :-) Got lots of cards, too, but prezzies I have to wait for until tonight. But I got a bookmark in the form of a sheep from Tuemi and a bracelet from my sister-in-law.

The Marquis called to sing happy birthday to me and then Steele's the removers called to say they were coming past to pick up the boxes from the move (YAY! at last).

When I got into the office, Nix had put up banners with "Happy Birthday" on them and got me flowers and another bracelet (which incidentally matches my turquoise t-shirt). She also found some Kinder Country chocolates and bought them for me, because I mentioned that I really liked them and hadn't seen them in this country yet.

So far this has been one of my most birthdayish birthdays to date! :-D

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Times 5? Why x 5? No that I mind, I am just not sure I am not failing to get something I am supposed to get. ;-)

Thanks, though!


From all of us, of course! :D

Ah yes! Of course! Thank you again. :-)

Have a really great birthday!

Thank you, beckyc, much appreciated. Apart from a very dull 90 minutes at a subject board just now, it's been good so far.


Just for the record I'll say so here as well ;)

You are definitely going for the most frequent congratulator award! :-)

Happy birthday. Apologies for my lamely failing to notice it happening.

No problems, you'll get another chance next year. ;-) But thanks for the birthday wishes!

Also, you have an excuse, what with your situation and all.

Happy Birthday and *hugs* from me!

Happy birthday! I'll certainly drink your health this evening.

Thank you very much. What did you have? ;-)

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