The Book of Na'Lon

or rather, Inane Ramblings of an Expatriot

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Quote for the day
"Meglio vulgare ma felice che elegante e noioso."

(Gianni Versace)

That tickled me this morning. :-D

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Damn, those translator microbes aren't working again.

Sorry, Viala. That was me forgetting to add my usual translation. ;-)

"Better vulgar but happy than elegant and boring."

Foiled at what, pray?

Well, I seem to manage vulgar and boring, which is probably the worst of both worlds ;)

As long as your reasonably happy while you're at it...


Hey - I want that on my tombstone. =)

I'll remember that next time Viala cocks a snook at my salad cream and fish finger sandwhiches =)

Erm, which one on your tombstone?

And I thought it was agreed that you tomb would read "Darn, I never noticed that".

No. It was 'I wasn't really paying attention...'

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