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The Book of Na'Lon

or rather, Inane Ramblings of an Expatriot

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Hello folks, I am reducing my friendslist a little. If you have been 'defriended', this is purely because I haven't seen/read any posts from you in ages, don't usually exchange comments with you and don't think that we really have much to say to each other. If I'm wrong, and you do want to read my journal, please leave a comment and I'll put you straight back on the list!

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Apart from my daily witterings, not much written lately, but I think this will change once I am moved!

and I do like reading what you write!

And I like reading what you write (including your daily witterings, though I do not always manage to keep up with all of them).

Either way, you were not on my list of people that I was thinking of removing from my list: these were people who I literally had not exchanged comments with in years.

At present I am on holiday with limited net access so it is not so quick to check, but please don't defriend me just because I am still too tired to post much. I find it easier to respond than to originate things when a bit groggy.

I wasn't even contemplating defriending you! You are such a good friend and I know you reasonably well in real life. The reduction of the flist was concerned with people I don't know well in real life, don't feel I have much in common with and some of whom I hadn't spoken to in years (plural).

I am probably more concerned than is logical about the effects that the ongoing health issues have on keeping in touch with people, as well as in keeping up with my work.

Sadly, there are many things in life in which logic has very little say. Health issues, stress at home or work... Keeping in touch with people takes many different forms - and can take different amounts of time in between points of 'touch'. Bear with me. I'll bear with you.

I have the same concerns. *hugs* and *beer*

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