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Essay finished, author exhausted

Well, there you are. That was going to be the title of what I typed up over the last half hour, and then I bloody went and lost it, didn't I? Sometimes I hate computers! With pen and paper you can usually still find the stuff. Not so if you stupidly get distracted because you are too tired to think.

Originally I wrote a fairly long bit about the essay I just finished and how I'd enjoyed it but wished I'd had more time to do reading for it, and how that made me slightly more sympathetic towards my students' dilemmas.

I also wrote up some of my thoughts about slash, sparked off by the discussion on the Soapy Place, where I didn't feel like commenting.

Anyway. Now I have restored a bit of what I originally typed, at least I might get round to editing this with a bit more detail when I feel more human...
Tags: chatter, lj, reflection, teaching
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