Na'Lon (na_lon) wrote,

What Na'Lon's been up to, Part 1

Well, well, well... I think I'd better get something down about what I have been doing and thinking before it all disappears. So following pellegrina's example, I thought that I might as well make a start now rather than putting if off even more. Unlike my esteemed friend, however, I'll not be so organised as to actually talk about things in a chronological order.

Monday and Tuesday this week, the Marquis and I spent in our new hometown to be. Our arrival there was delayed somewhat by our getting lost on the way to the station from the house of our friends in Telford. On top of that it was hot and sticky, which made prompt progress across shadeless hazy roads quite slow.

We made it to Wolverhampton only with a slight delay and went straight to the uni, where we checked in as guests. Even though I knew exactly where I was supposed to go, we were made to sit and wait for Berry to pick us up at reception. We then trudged the suitcase round to Berry's office and she told us her news: she's been offered a post at the University of Leicester! Pleased for her, but I would have liked to work alongside her. However, she intends to stay in Wolverhampton at least for the time being, which is nice, and she still wants to do some research together with me, which is also nice!

After a brief tour of the uni and city centre, Berry drove us around the bits of Wolves she reckons she'd want to live in and then we went to her house, which is great. It's a 4 bedroom Victorian semi with a 90' backgarden. The rooms are huge and have nice high ceiling and it's a really quirky building with a long, thin, windy hallway. The dining room is done up as a lab: with benches and a sink and stuff, lots of stuff for inventing things -- Berry's husband's Science room. It's just great!

Turns out Berry's neighbours are about to sell their house, so Berry asked them if they'd considered letting it. They hadn't but seemed intrigued by the idea. So we were shown around their house Monday night. It's fantastic: another Victorian semi. Three bedrooms, huge garden, two open fireplaces... If they did let it, we'd definitely love to rent the place. But somehow I don't think this is going to happen. Sigh. But it is nice to dream about it. We'll see what happens. At least Berry's neighbours have said that they'd be happy to let to us if they decided to let it.

Apart from that, there wasn't much we could do in terms of househunting. We'll have to got back down to Wolves in July to find somewhere to move to. I don't like having to leave it so late, but what can one do?

I went and met with my new boss, too, and he's told me what I'll be doing next year. The deal is much better than my current teaching load: overall hours are the same, but they are distributed in a much more sensible fashion: I get hours for research, extra hours for new courses... And I get to write my own third level course in my area of expertise! This makes me very happy... but it's going to be a lot of work.

Anyway... enough for now, got some work to do. :-(
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