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The Book of Na'Lon

or rather, Inane Ramblings of an Expatriot

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Lancastrian interlude
Today was my first day teaching in Lancaster after the break. It was actually surprisingly nice, despite the digustingly early start.

On the way to L. I did some reading for the CDLT assignment. Then I did the session with the first group. It was nice to see them again, actually. After the session, I went to the library to look for some stuff to read for the assignment, but didn't get very far. However, slightly later on, when I went to Teacher's office to ask her about sending me a reference, she mentioned a few texts to me and I had a few more ideas.

Then the second session -- the students actually cheered when I told them that they were stuck with me for another semester! Afterwards, I picked up another couple of books from the library and then headed slowly to the train. I'd misremembered the train times, and so missed it by a few moments (cause I faffed around in L. and had a look in a shoe shop (nowt really interesting).

As a consequence of the missed train I had to wait around for about 40 minutes. I was too tired to work on my assignment and instead did a little bit of creative writing set after the events in the now completed emither with pellegrina. I'd like to get that finished soon and typed up to add to the list of Game-based fic. But since I got home, I have just watched some TV and written half a sentence.

Anyway. I think I'll just have to give up for today and go to bed... I am soooo tired. Tomorrow I have assignment to work on and another issues meeting with Lala. Blah. Repeat after me: Got to get that CV sorted, got to get that CV sorted...

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Oh yes? Do tell :)

I will. Tell that is. One I have typed it up and all. Especially since it might end up leading into an unscheduled emither, as it were... had a thought on the way home. ;-)


I won't get much skive time tomorrow at work, though - showing our UCL placement student my job in the morning, and on a library tour in the afternoon.

Re: Post-emither (OT)

Just wondering: emither isn't a word I had encountered outside your journal. Any idea where it comes from? Enquiring minds want to know...

Re: Post-emither (OT)

It believe it originally comes from our friend eudesia, who acquainted us with the word mither (possibly a regional colloquialism? I wasn't familiar with that either!). The neologism describes roleplayed conversations between characters carried out over email by their players (often to explore "soapy" scenes that would have been of little interest to the other players) (soapy = from soap opera, basically shippy stuff). Now that Na'Lon lives the far end of the country, our B5 game is on hold, so pending the chance to hold a week-end session, we are doing ahem a lot of emithering...

Re: Post-emither (OT)

Many thanks! 'Mither' rings a bell... it sounds faintly Northern or Midlands to me (a soft Southerner). Meaning something like 'go on and on about.'

Re: Post-emither (OT)

That sounds like us, yes. And eudesia is from Lincs., so I guess that fits too.

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