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The Book of Na'Lon

or rather, Inane Ramblings of an Expatriot

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A warrior named Fred
While I monopolise the internet connection and phoneline in our house, the Marquis often plays a computer game called Diablo, which is a sort of 'Buffy goes to the Hellmouth to give the demons some trouble'+ D&D type of game. He's been playing this rogue character called Xenatu for the last several weeks, but today decided to start a new character. A warrior in fact. I suggested he call him Fred, and the Marquis called him Fred. And I am absurdly pleased again, which is -- as Polly remarked -- something one should be more often.

Had a fairly laid back morning. I read a little of the 'Pride of Chanur' while still in bed, and met Pyanfar's mate Khym for the first time. I like him. I like the book in general, so far. It's breathless and economical with its use of words and conveys so much without describing it as such. For example, Tully the human stuck on the hani ship comes across as resourceful and very able to roll with the punches and I find him quite admirable, but all this is expressed in so few words.

Eventually, however, I felt that maybe getting up and having breakfast and checking if the next bit of the current emither from Pellegrina had come in ('Midnight Snack', which we got polished off today). Did this and then decided to do something Useful-(TM).

I started with my usual default: stick laundry in machine. But the next default (hoovering) didn't appeal. So instead I bit the bullet and tidied my desk-table in the kitchen plus most of the chaos that I have been piling up on the main kitchen table. It took a long time and I chucked out many things that I really don't need and don't want to shift to Wolves! Then I did the banking. In the middle of it all my sister (Ta'Nik) called to ask me what my actual job is. 'Lecturer in Psychology,' I told her. 'Why do you want to know?' For an job application, apparently. Strange. But in Germany, where my sister lives, some employers like to ask about your siblings! Ta'Nik then handed me over to Ja'Nari who reminded me that it was Mother's Day in Germany. (Woops, as I have already said on Polly's Journal.) I had a nice chat with Ja'Nari, though. She wants to come and help me back for a couple of weeks before the move to Wolves this summer.

Later on in the evening I spoke to Pellegrina on the phone again (my phone bill is going to be a) boring and b) huge!) and we moped and grumped at each other and then also talked with much enthusiasm about our writing projects, despite other grumpings. I am currently trying to hoard my ideas for WiP3 for the week during which Pellegrina will be on holiday, so that I can keep busy while she's off and so that she can come back to something interesting to read.

Also did some Japanese. The Marquis found me bent over my book practicing hiragana, with my tongue sticking out at an angle with the effort. So he laughs and says: 'If it's all gone quiet, you must be learning Japanese." But I can write all the hiragana now and I even recognise most of them semi-reliably. So it's katakana next. Confusion, here I come.

Anyway, it's getting late and I want to get back to 'The Pride of Chanur' and still go to sleep at a sensible hour...

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I was quite proud of it :-) I also made one with a book trolley, but the sitting down with coffee one has the advantage of not needing its legs lopped off like na_lon and jane_somebody's ;-)

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