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The Book of Na'Lon

or rather, Inane Ramblings of an Expatriot

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Saturday mostly gone
So I didn't get much at all of what I had intended done today, but the Marquis and I went foodshopping and spent lots of money at the second-hand bookshop which is MUCH bigger than I'd realised. It has catacombs full of sheet music amongst other things.

Did lots of emithering with Pellegrina -- we are sort of nearing an end of 'Midnight snack', where 'sort of' is the operative word. But hey, we're having fun.

There was also summat else un-related to Pellegrina's and my writing that I had to write and send off today to meet a deadline. I managed to cobble something okay together, but it's not one of my most sparkley offerings.

Oh yes, and Pellegrina and I did our weekly stint on the phone to each other. It's so nice to talk about such varied topics and ideas. I almost always feel invigorated by our chats, except when we're both of us mopey, when it just feels nice to know that someone else cares, too.

The Marquis and I had the last bottle of the Norman cidre we bought at the food fair at Easter tonight. It was very nice and very bubbly -- nearly uncorked itself. Pity we will miss the next food fair, as we'll have moved to Wolves by then...

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Hey, with luck Wolves will have food fairs, too!

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