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To work or not to work

I resent having to work at the weekends, I really do. I want to get on with things I want to do. But because I tend to feel guilty about the requirement to do work, I usually end up doing nothing worthwhile at all. And the next thing I know is, it's Sunday night and I am intensely dissatisfied.

So this weekend, I have work to do. This damned assignment for the teaching and learning course, and when I realised yesterday that I hadn't really done the right thing with my drafting so far, I became very unmotivated indeed. Which is a farce, really, giving that part of my assignment is about helping student's find motivation and some form of enthusiasm for research methodology. Grrr.

I tried to break the cycle described in the first paragraph today. I will do some of the things I want to do instead, so that at least I enjoy my weekend as a break from the week. And maybe once I have done some of the things I enjoy, I can get down to work feeling less deprived of my fun.

As a result of my reasoning, I have already reedited chapter one of my Story and sent it to my Evil Twin (jane_somebody) and I have finished and posted off my bi-monthly column for the magazine of a society I belong to. I have also sweated over the current emither with pellegrina which is very enjoyable, but hard, hard work as it's plumbing some psychological depths that are hard to put into words. But very useful exercise nevertheless.

Yesterday, I finally spoke on the phone to my aunt Yo'Quith to thank her for her Christmas parcel. She sent me a couple of video tapes of a puppet show that I used to love as a child, because she saw it and was reminded of one of my "phases" (or "thuses" as eudesia might call it). It's about a ghost that lives in a castle. I don't remember this at all, apart from remembering that I liked ghosts and puppet-shows by this particular group of puppeteers.

Hm... while I think of it, a note for any one who recognises some of the names, such as Na'Lon or Yo'Quith, from my fiction writing and role-playing: I am borrowing these names for various people, including 'Na'Lon' for myself, but here they are only used as descriptors, and no similarity between character and RL person I refer to is intended. There are some similarities between character's family structures and my own family structure: e.g. The Marquis is also Na'Lon's mate in the Game, and Na'Kat really is Na'Lon's mother in Game and fiction. However, that is as far as the similarity goes...
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