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New Watch

It is now one minute past eight, I am pleased to be able to inform you. :-)

My usual watch -- the good old reliable stainless steel Citizen that I have been given as a gift from my granny 'Nari -- suffered a minor setback on Tuesday, when its strap packed in in such a way as not to be repairable. Of course.
The Marquis went and checked it out at the Watch Hospital.

So today I decided to go and buy a new strap for it, but not leather: it had to be one of those sprung metal ones. I like those. But the only ones small enough that they had at the Watch Hospital I didn't like -- I just wanted a plain one. Fortunately they can be ordered.

But since I have been spending some time wondering what exactly it is I am earning money for, I had earlier in the day decided that I wanted to have a second watch. This feels like the ultimate luxury to me :-). But I figured since I hardly ever wear any jewellery beyond my piratical gold earring and my wedding band, a pretty watch (in gold-colouring) was exactly what I wanted to have earned some money for. I found a nice pretty and elegant watch (by Citizen again, so it happens) and went for it!

It is now eight minutes past eight.

I love my new watch! (But am also looking forward to get my old one back soon...)
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