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The Book of Na'Lon

or rather, Inane Ramblings of an Expatriot

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Time considerations
Okay, so it's about 20 to eleven, and I have wet hair and so need to stay up a little longer if I want to avoid the evil hair-dryer (which make my hair frizzy), but I am tired.

What I really want to do is sit down and start writing the beginning of Ch. 3 of GoN-WiP, 'cos I finally had an idea about how to get it started, but since I am also tired and want to updat my lj, I'll start with that.

Today, then... today's been one of those days for me as well as pellegrina although in different ways. I got up after a weird dream and feeling dehydrated, because I didn't have enough to drink before I went to bed, and so got a slow headachey start for the day. I also realised that I'd screwed up in my last instalment of the current emither ("Midnight Snack"): I slipped out of species, something which I felt needed to be fixed. I decided to email Pellegrina once I got to my office.

I arrived at work at 09h10 -- not usually a problem -- and suddenly had a funny feeling that I was missing something... It turned out to be the Board of Studies -- argh! I got there quarter of an hour late, without minutes or documentation. Then sat there practising the 35 Hiragana I have learnt to date. I can now write exciting things like 'Katsuichi' (which I believe means 'lion' and is the name of Usagi the Samurai Rabbit's (see the_marquis's pics) sensei. I can't write 'Usagi' yet, however, since I haven't learnt about the diacritical marks for voiced sounds yet, as it were).

The last stats session with my first years involved going through the mock exam for the research methods part of the course and briefly celebrating one student's birthday with a caterpillar cake. Just before the session one of the students told me in private the she was totally gutted that I was leaving :-(. And during the session they all repeated they thought it was a real blow. I am really touched, and kind of sad, because they are such a nice group. I do hope that things work out for them! I gave them my email address, too. I'll miss them.

Lunchtime saw two of the lads from year one joining me and Ceejay. I'd offered to buy Ceejay lunch, and then promptly forgot my wallet in my office! Luckily the girls in catering know me rather well, and didn't mind my saying that I'd pay tomorrow. I did get them to write down what i was getting though and signed the piece of paper. :-)

In the afternoon I spent some time starting to go over the stats paper for the BPS exam before I have to walk a bunch of probably panicking students through it on Thursday. I haven't actually taught them all that's on the syllabus, but they should still be able to have decent shot at the paper, if they actually do some work on the revision! I can at least point them in the right direction for a book to revise from...

In the middle of it all I received another letter from Aidilo to Imogen -- The Marquis and my current writing project. And this made me think of the timeline for all of the emithering and vignette writing that has been going on over the last couple of years...

Before I went home, I sent off another installment of 'Midnight Snack' -- which is quite sad. Then I wandered home, and sorted out the timeline. Then I printed it and stuck the pieces of paper together. Now it'll need colour-coding...
And then I had some ideas about how to follow on from 'Gran Fiamma' (still a working title). I told the Marquis some of it, but didn't do anything else about it.

Dinner was curry and rice with some TV. After an episode of the West Wing (Indians in the Lobby) and CSI, I decided to head bedwards via a shower. And while I was in the shower, I suddenly had a thought about Ch 3, as mentioned above. But if I start writing now, I'll get to bed far too late and I am sooo tired, and need to be able to get some actual WORK done tomorrow. Sigh. Not enough time in the day, is there?

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I think that's a multipurpose purposeful day!

It's good, and not surprising, that your students are going to miss you. From what I know of your (soon to be ex-)college, the environment predicates against people who show that they are actually bothered!

Having not enough time is much better than being blank and bored. Though I have to say that it's a long time since I felt anything like that. So many stories to write, so much EQ to play, so many web sites to... hm yes, and I need to dress the small horrors and make Murgi a cup of tea five minutes ago. Scuse.

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