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The Book of Na'Lon

or rather, Inane Ramblings of an Expatriot

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Yoghurt and creative chaos
I have finally this evening started my yoghurt making endeavour. I have had my yoghurt maker since before we moved house in August 2002. I have also bought many cartons of UHT milk and live yoghurt, to actually try making some. A few weeks ago I finally bought the thermometer to go with the whole mess. Because if you heat the milk to more than 45 degrees C, the heat kills of the bacteria in the yoghurt... By bedtime i should know whether tonight's attempt was successful.

Apart from yoghurt making and more laundry, I have been in creative writing land all day. This in principle should have been a good thing, but I am not making much headway. TK is difficult -- got a space action scene to write anf that's tough. The emither started yesterday is shaping up to be quite grim and tough. An old idea has re-impinged itself on my brain: will have to decide what to do about that. Oh, and it's my turn to draft the next section of GoN-WiP.

On the positive side... Pellegrina and I wrapped up Chapter 2 today, and the Marquis has read it and seems to have enjoyed it :-). Now we just need to get our website sorted out...

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Funny you should say that, I've spent some time playing around with a few ideas. What I need to do next is ask eudesia how she goes about planning the visual side of sites. I fear she is going to say "Photoshop"... But why invent the wheel myself, if she has some tips.

I agree totally regarding the reinvention of the wheel!
And ideas yet about how you want it to look?


I still have to read chapter one - my apologies. I'll get down to it this week.

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