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Books on offer

Hi folks,

We have a few books that we are removing from our collection - to make some space! The titles are under the cut. If you are interested in any of them, please leave a comment.

Adams, D. (1979). The Hitch Hiker’s Guide to the Galaxy. Pan Books Ltd, ISBN 0-330-25864-8, paperback.
Adams, D. (1980). The Restaurant at the End of the Universe. Pan Books Ltd, ISBN 0-330-26213-0, paperback.
Adams, D. (1982). Life, the Universe and Everything. Pan Books Ltd, ISBN 0-330-26738-8, paperback.
Adams, D. (1984). So Long, and Thanks for all the Fish. Pan Books Ltd, ISBN 0-330-28700-1, paperback.
Adams, D. (1993). Mostly Harmless. Pan Books Ltd, ISBN 0-330-32311-3, paperback.

Anthony, P. (1984). Crewel Lye. Futura Publications (Orbit), ISBN 0-7088-8148-3, paperback. (Xanth.)

Auel, J.M. (1983). The Valley of Horses (Earth’s Children 2). Hodder and Stoughton, ISBN 0-340-26840-9, trade paperback.

Bear, G. (1989). The Forge of God. Legend, ISBN 0-09-961870-2, paperback. Followed by Anvil of the Stars.
Bear, G. (1993). Anvil of the Stars. Legend, ISBN 0-09-978040-2, paperback. Sequel to The Forge of God.

Carpenter, H. (1977). J.R.R. Tolkien: A Biography. Allen & Unwin, ISBN 0-04-928037-6, hardback.

Fowles, J. (1997). The Magus (rev.ed.). Vintage, ISBN 0-09-974391-4, paperback.

Gordon, R. (1961). Doctor in the House. Penguin, paperback.
Gordon, R. (1974). Doctor at Sea. Penguin, ISBN 0-14-001561-2, paperback.

Graham, W. (1978). Ross Poldark. Fontana, ISBN 0-00-614082-3, paperback.

Greenwood, E. (1988). Spellfire (Forgotten Realms). Penguin, ISBN 0-14-012129-3, paperback.

Innes, H. (1974). The Strode Venturer. Fontana, ISBN 0-00-612637-5, paperback.
Innes, H. (1979). The Strange Land. Fontana, ISBN 0-00-614324-5, paperback.

L’Engle, M. (1994). Troubling a Star. New York: Laurel Leaf Books, ISBN 0-440-21950-7, paperback.

Lawrence, L. (1995). Journey Through Llandor (Llandor Trilogy 1). Harper Collins, ISBN 0-00-675022-2, paperback.
Lawrence, L. (1996). The Road to Irriyan (Llandor Trilogy 2). Harper Collins, ISBN 0-00-675118-0, paperback.
Lawrence, L. (1996). The Shadow of Mordican (Llandor Trilogy 3). Harper Collins, ISBN 0-00-675168-7, paperback.

McCaffrey, A. (1975). Dragonflight. Corgi Books, ISBN 0-552-09236-3, paperback.
McCaffrey, A. (1990). Moreta: Dragonlady of Pern. Corgi Books, ISBN 0-552-12499-0, paperback.
McCaffrey, A. (1998). The Masterharper of Pern. Bantam Press, ISBN 0-593-04293-X, trade paperback.

Meeuwissen, T. (1992). The Key to the Kingdom: An Enchanted Deck. Pavilion, ISBN 1-85145-925-1, hardback in slipcase with a deck of transformation playing cards.

Odom, M. (2000). Angel: Redemption. Pocket Books, ISBN 0-671-04146-0, paperback. Promotional copy of this book.

Owens, M. (1986). Legal Eagles. Grafton, ISBN 0-586-07222-5, paperback. Film novelisation.

Pybus, V. & Robinson, R. (1992). Live and Work in Italy. Vacation Work, ISBN 1-85458-067-1, paperback.

Walters, N. (1999). Doctor Who: Dominion. BBC Worldwide Ltd, ISBN 0-563-55574-2, paperback. (8th Doctor.)

I am not really 'selling' these - with the exception of the Tolkien Biography, which I'd be willing to negotiate a price for. Instead, I'd ask for you to pay postage, and any donation you'd be willing to add to that will go to na_quis's (my four months old daughter's) savings account.
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