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The Book of Na'Lon

or rather, Inane Ramblings of an Expatriot

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Coursework Assignments
Today's entry is some rambly insanity, as usual and so I'll park it sideways, as it were. That way I won't take up too much space on my friends' screens... This really is about coursework assignments. It also is about what I have to do over the weekend and some burbling...

Spent today writing down the details for a course work assignment for my Monday groups. Hope this time i can persuade them to read what they have to do. Last time they failed to do so quite spectacularly.

When I done that, I continued drafting the assignment I have to write for the course that I am taking on teaching and learning in HE. I love this course: I love meeting with the people on it and exchanging good practice hints and tips. I am less keen on the 5000 word assignment due on the 15th... I have about 3000 words drafted, but not quite in the right structure yet. Fortunately I have had a good idea about how to structure it and lay it out. But not tonight. I've already spent about two hours on the damn thing after coming home tonight...

Watched an episode of Farscape earlier on ("... Different Destination") -- it's very sad and refreshingly non-Trekkie. Got a bit of a Farscape revival going at the moment, as eudesia wanted someone to emither (roleplay over email) with about her Farscape RPG character. So I made up some Farscape characters and want to develop them now for future reference. But before I start writing fic about these characters, i want to continue with the editing of my big story. I had some ideas I am very happy with yesterday, as I was editing away and want a chance to implement them as soon as possible. But first things first: assignment due, Na'Lon, write your assignment first. You know what to do. JUST STOP BEING SO BLOODY DISTRACTED AND GET IT ONTO THE SCREEN, girl...

Spoke to my middle sister (I'll call her Na'Kim) on the phone earlier on. She sounds like life is treating her well, but as usual she is working hard. My Mum (aka Ja'Nari) mentioned that there is a chance that Na'Kim will come to work in Birmingham, if her boss transfers there. That would be very cool indeed. Mind you, goodness knows where I'll be...

That leads me onto the other thing I need to do this weekend: get that CV finished and fill in some application forms.

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Hey Na'Lon, how did you manage to get the link to Eudesia with the little datestamp to display? As a future librarian, I'm keen to have the datestamp ;) I've tried two things so far based on what the FAQ seemed to suggest: the first time it displayed no name, let alone the desired link, the second time I got a plain normal link...

Re: Techie question

Date stamp? What do you mean? Sounds like a fluke to me! Maybe the Mac does it automatically?

You know, the little logo-gizmo next to one's LJ username. Looks like an old-fashioned librarian's date stamp?

So you're saying you don't deliberately link to other people's journals?

... and I've just realized it's probably actually a little white head on a pair of blue shoulders *blush*

Re: Techie question

Little head on shoulders is, I think, indeed what it is. It work like this:

type "username" and that should do it.

And there was me thinking I'd managed to get a date onto it about when I linked to Eudesia...

Re: Techie question

AAAArgh, I was right about how it works, but it translated my instruction.

So let's try again: type " < " followed by "lj user" followed by "=" and then add the username before ">".

Excuse the long-winded description, 'twas the only way I could think to get the message across without the computer helpfully interpreting the code.

Hm, maybe when I tried that before, I put in a rogue "-" by analogy with the code for making a cut... let's try again...

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