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The Book of Na'Lon

or rather, Inane Ramblings of an Expatriot

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I just managed to catch up on Doctor Who, which I'd missed for the last two weeks. Intriguing story.

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Yes, it was, wasn't it. Very thought- (and tear-) provoking.

I'd be interested to see whether it affected you the same way it did me (see post from ?Sunday?), or whether it's the being-a-mother factor more than the being-pregnant factor that got me. (Or, yeah, just being a different person, but that's the boring answer.)

ExMemSec cried, I cried (again - I saw it by myself and *snuffled*, then I saw the tape with him and cried properly). We last cried when Tosh died.

We are definitely NOT pregnant. Nor do we have children.

There are lots of different relationships wrung-out in this two-parter, so if the parent-child one doesn't get you, one of the others will.

My main criticism is that the relationship between the Vashta Nerada and their forest / their library does not come to a successful emotional conclusion. The VNPF (Vashta Nerada People's Front) commanders do a quick check in Who's Dr Who and go 'oh, yeah, we'll ....' I wanted a resolution from someone who had read "The Word for World is Forest" and whatever it is by Doris Lessing that I'm totally failing to recollection.

It is highly ironic that we all were provoke to reach for the tissues.

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