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The Book of Na'Lon

or rather, Inane Ramblings of an Expatriot

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A day of meetings
The weather today was just horrifible, with much wind and rain and inside out brollies and splashed up mucky water from the dual carriage way along which I have to walk on the way to work. But eventually I managed to get to work and sat down to sort out a few things before the first of two meetings of the day...

... the second 'issues' meeting with the boss...
Lala is in many ways more of a little girl than a manager (hence the Teletubbie moniker). She takes all problems or criticism personally, however diplomatically one tries to put it, and has a problem with boundaries between the private and the professional. The meeting today was quite positive in that there weren't really any nasty surprises and once again I count myself as lucky for being able to improvise and 'speak politick': Lala, somewhat petulantly, asked "why?" about the ructions which ended up making the last semester a living hell for me and Ceejay. I was the first to find a way round to answering, but how do you describe many, many months worth of problems in a few words. I tried to describe that for us what had happened hadn't come out of the blue, but had been a long time in coming. But Lala clearly didn't understand what had happened to cause the breakdown in communications. I think the crux of the problem is that Lala is just on a very different wavelength to us. One of the points she raised was the issue of loyalty and trust. I commented that loyalty had never been in question, but trust was a two way thing and had to be earnt. Only I said it in many more words and more diplomatically. Oh, well. Still looking for a new job...

In the afternoon I went to another meeting: a video-conference with our learning, teaching and assessment group. This was a good experience. It made me feel part of something larger, and my and Ceejay's comments were listened to and taken seriously! I suggested a forum (e.g. a noticeboard on the net) to exchange good practice in LTA, and the idea of this and similar fora was added to the LTA strategy for our faculty! What a difference from our experiences in our team, where we are not invited to meetings that are very relevant to us, because they are not directly about us!

This leads me neatly onto the last meeting this entry is about: a meeting to discuss the matter relevant to an upcoming official visit with the various people other than Ceejay and me who'll be involved in this. Ceejay and I found out from Tech that this meeting has been scheduled, and that we haven't been invited. This seems strange as it's all about things that we, too, will have to know for the visit. We figure that Lala is just not getting it: that we want to be involved as best we can and that excluding us form meetings like that ain't the way to win our trust. Actually, it probably hasn't even occured to Lala that we ought to be included. Hopefully, we'll get a chance to ask about this meeting at the next 'issues' meeting.

But today wasn't just about meetings. I also made some further notes for things to go on my CV, and I read my evil twin's DiR fic (jane_somebody), which I liked and which has made me want to reread the DiR books.

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Just as well I finally gave your copy back to you then, isn't it ;)

A good thing indeed. I even rediscovered the actual book on my shelf the other day, while doing some reorganising of books...

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