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The Book of Na'Lon

or rather, Inane Ramblings of an Expatriot

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Time for an update
Today I returned from a fantabulous day at pellegrina. Even the 95-minute delay on the train home hasn't managed to dent my feeling of satisfaction...

So what did we actually do?

1. We edited the first chapter of our WiP, which was hard, but worth it. We also planned out the next two chapters including ideas for a couple of new scenes to be emithered and then edited before insertion in the WiP.

2. We chatted about things, real and imaginary. Mostly imaginary.

3. We watched Spirited Away, which I still really like... with all it's weirdness.

4. We ate much yummy food cooked by Pellegrina.

5. We had a really interesting conversation about writing with Malaheed.

6. Pellegrina helped me get over my writer's block for Ta'Kiri's story. (Pellegrina, you're ace!)

7. I was introduced to dried mangoes.

8. I made Viala jump about 4 inches in the air by appearing from hiding in the kitchen when the Farscape gamers arrived at Malaheed and Pellegrina's. (Malaheed's little scheme, this one.)

9. I started to read The Pride of Chanur by C.J.Cherryh, and will now have to buy it.

10. I continued to read The Eyre Affair by Jasper Fforde, which is delightful in a weird and noirish sort of way.

Now I am very tired.

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The Pride of Chanur

Buy it! Buy it! Or, wait and I can lend it to you next time we meet up.

I first read it at age 17 when my cousin loaned it to me on holiday & was blown away. A cracking story in a really fun - and interesting - SF set-up. The other Chanur books are good too (I could lend you most of those as well), but the original is still the best IMHO.

I acquired a lot of C.J.Cherryh in the following couple of years, much of it good, but I don't think I've got as much as Malaheed and Pellegrina - in some of her books CJC seemed to get further and further into 'stream of consciousness' stuff & I tended to lose the plot!

Re: The Pride of Chanur

My favourites are the Chanur books and the Foreigner books. I've read most of her SF and found some of them a bit heavy - which books are you thinking of, Skordh? I agree she can get a bit stream-of-consciousness and the plots sometimes get too much for me, too, but in the two series I mentioned the aliens are such fun, I don't really care about that :-)

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