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Clever reptiles

It turns out you can train Cuban crocodiles much in the same way you can train a dog. The dragon in me is pleased with this discovery. But crocs are probably a bit more dangerous than dogs nevertheless.

I was at work really late today, mainly because the Marquis needed to stay late. It meant that I got a little more of the exam marking done (only another 18 scripts to go), and that I posted some more inane things on Eudesia's board and even one on the Bright Midnight forum. I also exchanged my daily does of emails with Pellegrina. We haven't been emithering of late, which feels very odd, but since we want to press on with the GoN project, and we can't really do this until we have had a chance to speak in person, it's probably not such a bad idea.

My recent creative overdrive has dried up a little for the moment and some stuff on Penny's journal made me wonder whether or not I shouldn't try to get some other people than Pellegrina and the Marquis to read my stuff. I feel strangely inadequate, however, because my story is neither slash nor fanfic as such. :-(

It feels as if there is a lot of stuff that I want to be catching up with, but as I sit here with half a bottle of wedding present Spätlese inside me, my brain seems kind of clogged up...

Ah yes, there's the story of my sister's husband...

Na'Kim, for those of you who don't know her, is tall, beautiful (with a kind of Julia Roberts smile), hard working and smart. She is also a pathologist who is rather good at what she does and so is a favourite of her superiors when it comes to chopping up some body, as it were.

The other night, Na'Kim is on the way home and she's being more or less stalked by this middle-aged guy who fancies himself in with a chance... He sits next to her on the train and tried to chat her up. So eventually Na'Kim says: "Well, I have just worked for 13 hours and would appreciate half an hours break before I get home, so I can exchange a few sensible word with my husband when I get home." The guy vanishes like a shot.

When Na'Kim gets home she tells the tale to Ja'Nari, our mother.

Ja'Nari: "That was quick. Why didn't you invite us to the wedding? Do you have kids too?"

Na'Kim: "No. No kids. I haven't been married for long enough yet."

[Na'Lon's husband is playing Diablo on the PC next to me: Xenatu, his little rogue character has just died horribly. And he's forgotten to save in ages. Poor Marquis.]

Our old little computer is getting a bit past it: a Pentium MMX with 166MHz just doesn't quite cut it anymore. We are now wondering about building out next computer on our own, rather than buying it ready made. Techie is in principle willing to teach me how to do it. But the snag is that we have to move house to Wolves in about 3 months time, so do I really want to worry about sorting out a new PC before then?

Talking of moving house... AAAARGH. I don't want to shift again. Yes, I'll be getting away from Lala, but the thought of packing everything again and sorting through all our stuff (and boy do we have stuff) does not appeal. I am not looking forward to househunting too much either. I hope we find somewhere nice. The place we're in now is good in a lot of ways... I'll make a list of all the features I'd like in oder of importance and then we can hunt with more of an aim in mind. For a while we were toying with the idea of buying a place, but with the rate at which house prices are rising and the vague concern that there might be a crash again, doesn't exactly make us feel too inclined to risk it.

Anyway, enough for now...
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