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100 things

Because I've been suffering from a particularly vicious bout of 'can't be bothered' over the last few days (marking has this effect on me...), I decided that something had to be done this weekend. Something proactive.

So I made a deal with my self to get 100 things done yesterday. Not major things, just little bits and bobs. So tidying away one item counts as a thing, or putting a load of washing in the machine.

In the end I managed to get done a few more than 100 things, but I stopped counting after 100. Amongst other things, I fixed my holsters, did my handwashing, the regular laundry, tidied the Christmas decorations (!) into their box in such a way that the box now closes, caught up my diary, and tidied up a few things.
Tags: chatter, household, marking, tidying
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