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... about what I could write an entry about. I feel like making an entry, but don't particularly feel that I have anything pertinent to say... But heck... the subtitle to this Journal is 'inane ramblings'.

Been being quite slack this last week. Deliberately, in a sort of experiment not to get too wound up by things. It's kind of in keeping with odd lenten fast this year. I decided to give up ranting about certain things that annoy me. I haven't entirely managed, but I have been more or less keeping to it. (Quite please about that).

The one thing that I haven't been slack about is the obsessive-compulsive bout of B5 game fic writing that I have been engaged in over the last couple of weeks. I've worked quite hard on this and enjoyed writing most of it. Been on and off the phone to Pellegrina about some of this writing, cause it was sparked off by our joint project.

Tonight, however, I'll have to actually get some comments written on the now marked pieces of student work that have been the bane of my existence for the last couple of weeks. Sigh... I'd rather continue with some of the writing. Maybe when I have done some comments???
Tags: chatter, marking, reflection, religion, wip, writing
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