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The Book of Na'Lon

or rather, Inane Ramblings of an Expatriot

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Squirrel-proof, no; bird-proof, partially
So this morning brought much bird watching. The blue tits worked it out. The sparrows, finches and great tits are bewildered.

So along comes a squirrel and jumps on the feeder. He doesn't like it much and goes to sit on top of the bracket holding the feeder, twitching his tail in agitation. He tries a few times to lower himself along the feeder, but it doesn't bring the tasty grains closer. So he climbs back to the top to think, tail twitching.

Eventually another attempt. Then he figures out that he needs to take a different approach...

... and manages to get the lid off!

Credit where credit's due.

Bloody hell, those little tree rats are smart!

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Sounds like it's air pistol time. Either that or go to CJ wildbird foods.

In that case, I'm really impressed with your squirrels!

Hi, its Natalia from Oxonmoot here, posting as you suggested. I'll add you to 'friends' as well. :)

Yay! I have added you to my flist!

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