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The Book of Na'Lon

or rather, Inane Ramblings of an Expatriot

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Any suggestions?
Slugs are eating my hosta. Any thoughts?

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First off, don't grow hostas, or if you do accept that they will become slug food.

Go out on a warm damp evening with a bucket and a pair of gloves, and pick up the slugs.

If it's in a pot, put vaseline round it.

Slugs are meant to dislike grit, salt, dry sand, and copper.

If you've got a 9-volt battery that hasn't got enough charge to power your smoke alarm, half-bury it in the garden with its terminals protuding. When the slug crosses, it should fry.

Cultivate blackbirds and thrushes.

The hosta was a gift. I don't intend for the slugs to eat (all of) it. I shall investigate some of your other suggestions. We do have some blackbirds and toads, but so far they ain't doing their job.

Thanks for the reply!

Sadly while we have Blackbirds (no Thrushes) they work the opposite shift to the slugs.

(Deleted comment)
I am definitely going to look into marinating slugs for my toads. :-) Thanks!

*grins at mental image of slug wearing Burberry ... *

Nuke them from orbit?

I think we have avrious places selling Stella so that's no problem for the beer filled slug trap.

Or we get them nice beer and you can have the rest of the bottle. I am sure the toad would appreciate decent beer. ;-)

Just off to the shops dear ...

Pan fry them in some butter with garlic?

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