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Harry Potter and the Goblet of CGI
We just watched the 4th Harry Potter movie. I wasn't disappointed. I wasn't impressed either. It just seemed to try and cover too much of the book while not trying to cover enough of the plot.


It was quite enjoyable, though.

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That's pretty much how we felt about it.

I am glad it is not just us. Lol.

well ... as far as HP is concerned I definately like the books more then the movies ... though I wish I had seen this one in the theater if only because of the Dragon scene ...

the film definately didn't have enough Lucius in it either *g*

and ... I don't know if it's a bad thing ... it might be because I tend to see the DeathEaters and Voldemort more in a comical light (part of the blame goes to makani :D )
anyway ... seeing Ralph speak about playing Voldemort in the Extras scared me more then the actual Voldemort in the movie ...

I agree with you about the books being better than the movies. And yes, the dragon scene was great. I was particularly impressed with the dragon crawling along the roofs. That looked very convincing.

Not enough Lucius or Snape!

And Voldy just came across as being to busy overacting to remember that he was supposed to be scary. I think your icon is rather more scary, actually. ;-)

Thats completely how I felt too. There didn't feel like a structure to it. Just a series of scences based on the books. I really wish they'd done the story as two films, although maybe that wouldn't have helped. The scenes were good, they just lacked coherence.

I agree with your analysis about it not really having a structure. In fact it almost felt like a string of pearls (good scenes) that they'd forgotten to put the string (arc) through. I think that one good film could have been made out of the book, but they would have had to be a lot more brutal about cutting fancy CGI scenes and writing more effective dialogue.

It was fun enough, but it like the bite that the Azkaban had (imho).

Yeah. I certainly thought that Azkaban was the better film. Incidentally, I think that one was less faithful to the book.

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