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Badminton and burbling
Didn't want to go to work today :-(. But went anyway, and got not an awful lot done. At least I didn't have to go to Lancaster.

However, I managed to get myself roped into some post-work badminton by Fred, Marxist and the Marquis. It was fun and now I ache very badly.

Sorted out some of the double marking with Ceejay. Ceejay also told me a lovely story about her terrible Teenager being really chuffed that her mum is pregnant. I thought it was a nice story, because Ceejay was worried that Teenager would be embarrassed instead.

The Marquis and I got 200 points in University Challenge tonight. Which is the best we've done in a while.

I started a new Tyler's bar thread today, which has been quite good fun, even though Eudesia was initially concerned that it might lead to more ructions. I certainly had no such intention.

Tried out the chatroom for Soapy, too: so not going to do that again -- I have to get some work done after all.

Anyway, now I am going to go to bed, and tomorrow, I will approach life and work with a more productive attitude, I hope! I shall make a little list... Not done that in a while.

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I think you should just take a while to enjoy the remains of the Carte D'Or and recover from everything. *hugs*

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