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The Book of Na'Lon

or rather, Inane Ramblings of an Expatriot

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Valentine's Day
Every year I rant about the commercialisation of the institution – see Polly’s (jane_somebody) entry on VD for a précis of my usual ravings… And then I make sure I have a little something for the Marquis anyway.

So instead of buying a card this year, I decided that the only way of letting my little romantic know that I just don’t like the pressure VD puts on people, and that I am quite happy to do something special for him, was to make my own card for him and think of a prezzie of something he’d really like: I think he like the card, and the prezzie (model ships :-)).

He gave me a beautiful card with the watercolour of a curled up cat and a box of chocolates. And he went patiently around many shoe shops with me in Newcastle as I looked for the pair I’d seen yesterday in Carlisle, but which they hadn’t had in my size. If that’s not love, I don’t know what is! (Well, I do, but it sounds dramatic.)

Anyway, the shoes weren’t the only reason for the Newcastle trip: I felt desperate to get away from Carlisle for a day, and Newcastle is the nearest Big City. I liked what I saw and it felt very good to be in a big place with many different people and new buildings and shops and all sorts. Amongst other things, we popped into Forbidding Prices, too, and looked at some LotR merchandise (what tack!!! In some cases…).

Since we were unsuccessful in finding my shoes in Newcastle, we stopped at the Metrocentre (a strange, strange place) on the way home. I found my shoes, and we found the model shop, where the Marquis picked his models (see above) and bought me a tiny, tiny tri-plane (Fokker DR 1).

Anyway, it’s been a good day, mainly, because it has been so different. And I don’t have to work tomorrow. Yay!

Happy Valentine’s Day all!

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The Fog on the Tyne is all yours!

I'm really glad that you have finally made it over to Newcastle, and that the visit worked as retail and location-change therapy.

I haven't been to the MetroCentre for a couple of years, but it is about the most identity-less place it's possible to visit. I know that it's been superseded by Meadowhall at Sheffield, Lakeside at Thurrock, and Bluewater at Dartford as the biggest out-of-town shopping centre, but when it opened it was unsurpassed as a temple to consumerism. Most people still went into Newcastle, though - they like to shop in somewhere that has deeper roots (and it doesn't do to investigate what the MetroCentre is built on...)

Woah! Our Evil Twin-ness strikes again - for the exact same reasons I made my own card for skordh! (It took about two hours, but it came out nice, I think.)

Yay for shopping! And getting away from things for the day! And, heck, yay for romance, too!

I should just clarify that the books are for her too, and that I was sustained during shoe shopping by reading The Rough Guide to Middle-earth which is quite a good little read.

The red baron's plane was made up for her on arrival home too, despite humongous headache.

"I just don’t like the pressure VD puts on people"

It took a couple of seconds before I realised you were not talking about a social disease but the 14th of Feb.

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