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Retail Therapy

Well, as jane_somebody says: retail therapy is only a problem if you spend money you don’t have but I just got paid. And besides, I haven’t been shopping in a while.

After two shopping trips (one in Carlisle on Friday afternoon, the other in Newcastle [next entry]) I am now the proud owner of (actually more like ‘have bought’):
1. An outrageous Centauri style (Victorian kitsch would be another way of putting it) pendant.
2. A prezzie for Lady Gauri from Giel (I’ll hand it to pellegrina to pass on :-))
3. A copy of Longitude, which was really a prezzie for the_marquis
4. A pair of space-age looking dark-silvery slip-on shoes.
5. A black long-sleeved T-shirt. Very black and what Polly (jane_somebody) would call boring :-), but of the kind I particularly like.
6. A pale blue long-sleeved ribbed T-shirt. Less boring. It had a frilly rim and neckline.
7. A pair of red suede lace-up shoes with sort of aged-gold looking bits (The ones I mentioned on the phone to Polly. And yes, I have a thing for shoes).
8. 3 1:700 models of British ships for the Marquis (he picked them). They were all supposed to be WW2 RN-vessels, but the little Ark Royal we bought was actually a model of the one from the 50s. Oops.
9. 2 train tickets for Newcastle – necessary for the second shopping trip.
10. The next Jasper Fforde book (I haven’t read them yet, but the Marquis wanted the next one).
11. The next Edge Chronicles book (see point 10.)
12. A copy of Calendar Girls -- the Valentine’s Day movie that the Marquis and I had intended to buy anyway.
13. A copy of X-men 2, but they gave us the wrong version in the shop, so we need to go back tomorrow to get that sorted out.

Shopping spree now over. Probably for the next couple of months. But I do like my new acquisitions. And I didn’t buy the nice cardigan for 50 quid they had at Next, either.
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