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The Book of Na'Lon

or rather, Inane Ramblings of an Expatriot

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Possible drabbles for DiR100's British Legends challenge

1. Forlorn - WC100 - Summary: Don't talk to strange faeries.

Something about the way she stood there caught my attention. Something painfully familiar. Forlorn… Distant... You know, like I have become.

“You look lost.”

“I am.” She sobbed. “They’re all gone! My house is gone. But this the right place!”

I had a suspicion about what was coming. She told me about her and her promise to heal her.

“I didn’t want to die so young,” she explained. “But now! Now I’ll grow old without them and that’s worse, somehow.”

I nodded. I wished I could help her.

But the Elf-queen isn’t of the Dark. So my hands are tied.


2. Lost Skin - WC100 - Summary: A little help for a stranger in finding a very important item...

“We’ve lost him again.”

“He knows where we’re going.”

“What was it with that woman, anyway? Calling him ancient one was pretty rude, I thought.”

He shrugged. “He didn’t seem to mind.”

“He seems to be losing it.”



Great-uncle Will waited for them by the jetty in time for the boat trip. For most of it, he was even more taciturn than usual. Until they spotted the seals. He watched the animals attentively. One came right up to the boat.

“You found it then,” he said to it.

She directed a meaningful glance at her husband, who nodded.


3. Tights... - WC100 - Summary: A bit of evil punning at the expense of an Old One. Warning: This one is just silly.

“That,” said the Old One, “is cheating.” He had arrived too late at the scene to help the newest potential recruit for the Light. It was a pity. The man had had charisma, spirit and dedicated followers.

The Rider laughed down at him. “I didn’t lay a finger on him. How was I to know he’d manage to get himself killed so easily? You could always find a replacement. Or fill in for him. Tights would suit you, I am sure.”

“That would be breaking the rules.”

“True… But the tights… Mind you, you’d have to change your name, Merriman.”

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Ooh, I like them all!

1. Sad. The first person narration works very well.

I wonder how Faery fits in with the magic system in TDiR. In my thinking on the longer story I will probably write on this theme, I was classing it as something akin with Wild Magic - something that exists alongside an Old One's magic, but which they have to accept and endure, and cannot challenge, even if it does things that hurt them.

2. Ah, selkies! I like the story potential in "Great-Uncle Will" and these new batch of children. Things going full circle...

3. *giggles*. If you hadn't written Merriman in tights by the weekend, I think I would have had to do so myself. It's just such a lovely image. I can't believe I didn't notice the apt pun before. *chuckles in admiration at your punning skill.*


I agree with you about Faery being like the Wild Magic - that certainly was what I was trying to imply in the drabble. I look forward to seeing how you decide to handle it when you get around to writing that longer story.

I think the exploits of 'Great-Uncle Will' will definitely need to be explored. It was your drabble on the coming of spring that set me thinking on this one again. (I keep thinking about the boy Gareth...)

As for Merriman in tights... I'd like to see your take on that! *giggles*

Agreed, nice pun in three and very suggestive throughout – I will get around to reading TDiR series eventually, I promise!

Oh, and if you are available for constructive, critical comment later in the week I am whoring apologetically for such on the lower entry here, I wouldn't ask so directly if feedback wasn't so important to me but no pressure/obligation.

Sorry to keep you waiting this long for a reply! I am happy to read your stuff and to comment, as soon as I get a few moments to do so coherently. So you'll get feedback in due course, and I apologise for keeping you waiting for it. ;-)

No worries, I will appreciate whatever you have to say whenever you are best able to say it. ;8¬)

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