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The Book of Na'Lon

or rather, Inane Ramblings of an Expatriot

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A DiR Drabble
I posted one in response to the "Useful Magic" challenge on darkisrising100. Then sistermagpie commented and I wrote an alternative version of the drabble.

Dodgy Reception – The Other Version

by Pencil
Words: 100

For sistermagpie.

“No!” wailed Bran. He twiddled with the tuner to recapture the elusive signal. “Just as it was getting good!”

“Mind the traffic!” snapped Will.

“But the rugby…”

“Argh. Let me try. You drive.”

Will tried. It didn’t work. He wasn’t expecting it to.

Bran swore inventively.

“I know you don’t like rugby, but… you couldn’t…? I mean, I could swear that you are causing that interference deliberately.”

“Deliberately? Pray how would I do that?”

“I don’t know. Magic?”

“Of course.”

“No need to be sarcastic.”

Will hid his grin from Bran. There were times when magical side-effects had their uses.

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Ah, I did say Will was admirably forbearing in the other version, and that I'd have just killed the radio.

So how much do I have to pay Will to sit next to me on train journeys and kill that annoying, tinny "thump thump thump" noise from the person with headphones who always ends up sitting next to me? (Not always the same person, I hasten to add. I'm not interesting enough to have a stalker.)

Good question. It would certainly be very useful to have Will near on trains given the circumstances you described. Like you, I always seem to end up near one of those thump-thump-thumpers...

Maybe there's a challenge in that question of payment? Surely even Old Ones are broke occasionally?! ;-)


I think that this variant surpasses the original, hits its hundred word target and seems to flow better. Now, if only I had read the Dark is Rising books I would be up to speed.
You know, I cannot think of a single subject that I am fanatical enough over to Drabble about (how sad an admission is that in this day and age?) but I long to flex a little creative muscle and will, I'm sure, find something called a plot-bunny (?) eventually. ;8¬(

Thanks for the feedback - always appreciated to get opinions from readers!

I guess I could have made the first one fit 100 exactly, but since darkisrising100 allows 98 to 102 words, I decided to leave it as it was. I am quite pleased with both of them.

As for being up to speed - these drabbles are set some twelve or so years after the end of TDiR. The main point you need to know about Will and Bran are that Will is a type of immortal who can do magic and in one of the books his presence interferes with radio reception. Bran is Welsh and quite mortal. After the end of the last book in the DiR-Sequence, Bran's memory was wiped of all the supernatural stuff he, Will and three other children went through. So Bran doesn't know that Will is anything but his friend.

Another thing worth mentioning is that Will/Bran is a popular slash-coupling - but I don't write slash as such, but like to allow my audience to read into what I write what pleases them in this context.

I wouldn't say I am fanatical about TDiR, but I enjoy writing and know a few people in this fandom on lj in real life, hence my choice to drabble about TDiR.

As for not drabbling - as you say: if an inspiration comes along and bites you on the creative muscle, you'll probably be writing before you know it. ;-)

I really hope that it didn't sound as though I felt qualified to judge, was being critical of the original in any way or that I was using 'fanatical' in any context other than one root of 'fan' – when hopefully not implying qualifications necessary for Drabbling. I can promise you I'm not, I wasn't and I didn't think that I was. Urp!

Cheers for the background and support, when I write I will be sure to share!

No need to worry! I really do appreciate your comments. I even agree with you that the second drabble flows better. Much of the rest of my comment was just me thinking 'aloud' as it were.

Also - didn't think you meant 'fanatical' as anything more than 'fan' and just thought that I'd mention that I don't regard myself as 'belonging' to any fandom and that for me it's the writing itself I love. I guess what I was trying to say was that in my experience you don't need to be a huge fan of any one thing to write - once inspiration comes along, that is.

Besides: as a reader you are qualified to judge - after all, only you can know what you enjoy to read and if it hangs together!

If you're interested in reading my fiction, I can put you on my fiction-filter - not that I post very much on it!

Please do, I would like that. ;8¬)

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